HTMA has increased clinic revenue 38%

I have been in clinical practice since 1997 as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Clinical Nutrition. I currently work in Whangaparaoa, Auckland in general practice and I specialise in all aspects of women’s health including acupuncture for infertility, IVF support, pregnancy, labour preparation, induction and postpartum care.

I also see patients with a wide range of chronic condition including Cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hepatitis, arthritis, adrenal exhaustion, Hashimotos, PTSD, PND, trauma, depression and anxiety to name a few.

Tamarin Pignéguy-Davies

Tamarin Pignéguy-Davies

Since being introduced to Gary at InterClinical Laboratories in June this year and offering the HTMA service to patients, it has been a real eye opener to see just how many patients who suffer from chronic conditions have such high levels of heavy metals in their bodies as well as chronic inflammation from a historic viral or parasitic infection.

To date, close to 70% of patients coming to see me have chosen to let me cut their hair for the HTMA. After receiving their results and talking through the findings with them a very common response is they feel like a missing piece of their health puzzle has been found. With ongoing support from Gary in teaching me to read and interpret the HTMA results it has helped me to make even deeper connections and understanding of body chemistry, symptom presentation and the cause of disease which I have been able to pass on to my patients with even greater confidence.

As I work in clinic by myself it has also been great to discuss challenging cases with Gary for another perspective.

By using the HTMA as a way to asses and explain a patient’s mineral profile, heavy metal toxicity and metabolic typing it has increased patient (and practitioner!) understanding into the real cause of their health symptoms, which often brings great relief to people who have been on a long road to recovery.

The HTMA also makes supplement and herbal compliance easy due to the evidence based nature of the test results and recommended protocols.

One surprise for me has been the way in which the HTMA results have helped patients to understand their Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis as I can relate their TCM pulse diagnosis to the mineral profile on their graph.

For example, Kidney Yang Deficiency (which roughly translates to adrenal fatigue) can be compared to low Sodium and Potassium levels. And Qi Deficiency or low energy, fatigue can be seen in the low Calcium, high Phosphorous and low Cobalt levels.

Another example is Wei Qi Deficiency (Compromised Immunity) with a pathogenic invasion from a bacterial, viral or parasitic origin, which can be felt on the TCM pulse position of the Colon, Stomach, Bladder and Liver can be seen on the HTMA results with high Iron relative to low Copper. And if their is Liver Qi Stasis present with heat toxicity, inflammation, pain and calcified tissue the HTMA will reveal low Molybdenum, high Calcium and high Zinc levels. Add in symptoms of Liver Qi Stasis causing depression, aggression and withdrawal then Sodium levels will often present lower in relation to Potassium.

I often work in conjunction with patients who use other forms of clinical diagnostic tools to measure their health such as blood tests, and it is encouraging to see their test results come back within a more “normal” range after following the HTMA protocols particularly in the case of patients with Hyper or Hypo Thyroid whose TSH , T3 and T4 levels are all moving to within a more healthy range.

It is also great to see a patients commitment to their new health regime pay off as they begin to feel better, often slowly at first as their nutrient levels begin to improve. Most patients report that they begin sleeping better within the first two-three weeks and then their energy begins to increase and pain decreases.

As well as increasing patient confidence in the HTMA protocols as they begin to see positive changes in their well being and improving my confidence as a practitioner in prescribing supplements with a clear protocol and great practitioner support, this new approach of combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western evidence based HTMA in my clinic has also helped to increase my clinic revenue. For July, August and September of this year the average increase from supplement sales alone has been 38%.

I would willingly encourage other health practitioners to consider using HTMA as a clinical tool in supporting patients to get more clarity about their health conditions, increased confidence in their body’s ability to heal and live life with more freedom and vitality!

Thanks Gary for your ongoing commitment and support to health practitioners on the front line working to make a real difference in people’s lives and break the cycle of disease.

In appreciation, Tamarin Pignéguy-Davies

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