Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in Veterinary Practice and Animal Care Webinar - Aug 25th 7.30pm

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Animal Health Webinar

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Minerals are vital for the function of acid-base balance, enzymatic reactions, energy metabolism, the neuro-endocrine system and bone and joint function.

Rather than generalised nutritional recommendations provided for each animal grouping, we need a targeted nutritional approach based on the individual's metabolic assessment. In human health it is acknowledged that individualised nutritional plans are required - we need to apply the same approach for our animal friends.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis provides nutrient and toxic element results, and charts each animal's biochemical individuality. It is an economical test used by practitioners to detect animal nutritional deficiencies and excesses, as well as toxic metal overload, which results in chronic disease and a myriad of other conditions.

Susan's plan is to achieve widespread acceptance of HTMA as a diagnostic and monitoring tool for nutritional interventions, to improve animal health, promote wellness and support animal care.

What you will learn

  • The role of hair mineral testing in the emerging field of veterinary nutritional medicine

  • How to work with nutritional minerals by understanding nutrient synergists and antagonists

  • How mineral levels and their ratios affect health, performance and recovery

  • How essential minerals are affected by toxic minerals

  • Why individualising a nutritional plan based on metabolic needs is a critical adjunct to veterinary care, citing her case studies and practical examples

Your Presenter

Susan Peden and her horse

Susan Peden has enjoyed four decades of veterinary practice, mixed, small animal and equine.

Susan is an experienced educator and lecturer both for animal owners through adult education classes and veterinarians through the University of Sydney’s Centre for Veterinary Education (Acupuncture).

Based in Tasmania, Susan has a strong interest in holistic animal health and believes a balanced body mineral composition is just as important for our animals as it is for ourselves.

Register now for the webinar (click here)!

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