How to do research for HTMA

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Doing research

A Practitioner asked:

"I am interested to find out what you use as research tool ie pub med, do you have other suggestions thanks".

I have Dr Watt's book, "Trace Elements and Other Essential Nutrients", sitting on my desk. You can purchase a copy for $40 plus postage. Drop us an email if you want a copy.

I also have a copy of this chart of the Periodic Table of the Elements sitting next to me.

These two publications are indispensable when reviewing HTMA with a client.

Nowadays, Google, love it or hate it, is a handy search tool. I use it to learn more about HTMA-related health issues and for explaining things to a client as we run through their HTMA. With Google, the cream rises to the top. Here is an example of a Google search:

HTMA copper toxicity conditions

Here is another example:

HTMA chronic fatigue

For researching the role of a nutrient in alleviating a health condition, Google is once again my go-to search tool. It usually works even with abbreviations and non-medical terms.

Here is an example for learning more about how a nutrient might assist a health condition:

NAC fatty liver disease

The websites at the top of the search are usually the most authoritative for peer-reviewed research.

Here's another example of the power of a modern search engine:


And we can't get much more vague than this search, can we:


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