HTMA Summer Special Offer!

Summer holiday

At InterClinical New Zealand we know Self-Care is a major part of Health-Care!

We would like to offer you a practitioner-only super-summer special!

Do your own Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (Profile 2) for only $115

HTMA summer promotion

The best way to learn why Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is such an integral health screening tool in clinic is to test yourself!

As practitioners, we know that balanced levels of key minerals are essential for good health, wellbeing and disease prevention. Hair is the ideal testing method.

What can an HTMA tell you and how can it assist you in successfully in improving your patient's health?

Is your nutritional intake really the most suitable for this moment? Like right at this moment? Is it taking into account lifestyle, metabolic rate, stressors, the environment? Do you know scientifically this is so? Can you measure improvement or change?

This summer do you own HTMA!



  1. If you do not have the forms and hair collection envelope, ask us to send you some. Email:

  2. Send in your hair sample, including payment of $115, with it clearly marked that this is the "Practitioner Summer Promotion".

  3. This offer is valid through to the end of January.

  4. This is a PRACTITIONER'S ONLY special.

  5. Regarding other immediate family members, being husbands/wives/children/parents, the practitioner must ask for this as a special request. It is not for the practitioner's brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles.

  6. This promotion includes a 15-20 minute review ("prep call"), by video meeting, or phone, of your report with Gary Moller as a training exercise, if you want it.

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