Meet the Master of Minerals

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Dr David L Watts Director of Research, Trace Elements Inc

Meet the... MASTER of MINERALS Nutritional Therapy & Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

One of the top biochemists in the USA and the co-founder and Director of Research of Trace Elements Laboratories. Dr. Watts has been involved in clinical nutrition for over 50 years. His research has focused on the study of tissue mineral patterns found in human hair. He has reviewed in excess of 1,000,000 tissue mineral profiles and written over 50 scientific publications.

A unique opportunity to listen to one of the world's leading authoritative researchers and clinicians in the areas of tissue mineral analysis, essential minerals, vitamins and nutritional therapy. Cost: $55 AUD FREE for InterClinical Registered Practitioners


In discussion with Dr Watts, hear about:

  • Why HTMA is the foundation for a preventative care plan

  • Correcting mineral imbalances is key to wellbeing

  • Understanding biochemical individuality to identify treatment pathways

  • Mineral ratios - the crucial information in health assessment

  • Physiological and psychological stress and their effect on nutrient mineral balances

  • The double-edged sword effect of nutrient mineral therapy

  • Why metabolic typing is of primary importance

  • The delicate balance between Ca & Mg

  • Magnesium "depleters"

  • Zinc level and viral susceptibility

  • Blood vs HTMA; insights into iron anaemia

  • Diabetes, glucose tolerance factors and insulin; the need for chromium

  • Relationship between nutrition and hormones

  • Reducing the toxic metal burden; burden vs toxicity

  • Mineral relationships related to mental health and cognitive function

  • Understanding supplemental recommendations and how to use them effectively

  • Healthy adrenal function is essential in chelating heavy metals

Innovations and contributions in the field of nutritional therapeutics:

  • Development of a precise nutritional therapeutic approach based on the recognition of 8 individual biochemical types using elemental analysis of hair

  • Categorisation of individual nutrients according to their sympathetic or parasympathetic effects

  • Recognition of the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses to metabolic dysfunctions

  • Recognition of the vitamin/mineral, mineral/mineral and vitamin/vitamin interrelationships in the nutritional recommendations

  • Establishment of the link between the nutritional, neurological and endocrine systems, as determined by hair mineral patterns

  • Identification of endocrine interrelationships and their impact upon biochemical and nutritional status; recognition of specific nutritional influences upon the biochemical and endocrine systems

  • Development of metabolic supplements synergistically formulated to meet specific biochemical needs

Tuesday 28th September 2021 7:30pm AEST $55 or FREE for Interclinical Registered Practitioners

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