HTMA Prices Effective 2022

Updated: Feb 10

Hair Tissue Testing

We have not increased our HTMA fee for nearly 15 years and have endeavoured to absorb all increases. Unfortunately, as you are aware, costs have substantially increased, especially in the last two years.

Due to continuing requests, we will be including boron in the standard pricing. Reinstating boron removes the stress of remembering to check the box on each form for most practitioners. As you know, boron is an essential mineral with a narrow ideal range.

I am pleased to have boron back in the HTMA alongside the other nutritional elements as a practitioner myself.

The following price increases are from 1 January 2022

New Prices Excluding GST

Profile 1 - $143 (chart only)

Profile 2- $164 (Interpretitive report)

Profile 3 - $158 (comparative report)

Canine - $143

Equine - $164

New Prices Including GST

Profile 1 - $164

Profile 2- $189

Profile 3 - $182

Canine - $164

Equine - $189

2022 HTMA Practitioner Prices
Download PDF • 146KB

To recap, to clarify and to recommend:

  1. Profile One is only for the most experienced HTMA practitioners.

  2. I've been reviewing HTMA for about 20 years, and I still do not order Profile One; Profiles Two and Three, with their laboratory-generated interpretations and recommendations, are always helpful to review before coming up with interventions for the patient, including the most suitable combinations of diet and supplementation.

  3. Profile Two is the one to order for all new patients.

  4. The repeat tests are always the most valuable and often goldmines of information.

  5. Profile Three is the one to order for the repeat test, recommended after six months of any interventions no matter what they might have been.

  6. For the third test, I like to order Profile Two again, then Profile Three for the following. Got the idea?

  7. As a general rule of thumb, repeat tests about six months apart, then one year or longer apart once the patient is steady and improving.

  8. Repeat the test any time there has been a significant change in health or performance to see what might be going on at the cellular level.

  9. For simplicity of pricing for your clinic, I recommend you charge your patient the laboratory fee with GST included, plus the fee for your professional input, whatever that might be.

  10. So, for myself, the updated fee from January 2022 for the hour we spend reviewing the first report (Profile Two) will be $349, and Profile Three will be $312. Your fees will, of course, be different.

The last day at the old prices is 20th December

Our last day for accepting and processing HTMA before the new pricing sets in is 20th December, so there is not much time left. If you have HTMA due over the next few weeks, please get onto them right away! Bear in mind, if you miss this deadline, there is the bright side of boron being in the next test report.

If you don't have the HTMA forms and the Hair Collection envelopes, and to avoid delays with getting supplies to you, you can download and print them off from the files that follow::

HTMA Envelope
Download PDF • 243KB

INT271 HTMA_Request_Form - v6
Download PDF • 130KB

Canine HTMA Request Form Feb 2022
Download PDF • 199KB

EQUINE HTMA Request Feb 2022
Download PDF • 221KB

Please email me if you have any questions.

We wish you a prosperous and healthy 2022!

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