Webinar: Success in Clinic with HTMA

Webinar success in clinic with HTMA

Kick-start 2021!

Build a successful clinic with HTMA as the foundation for managing your patient's wellbeing through nutritional medicine and toxic metal elimination/protection therapy.

Tuesday 9th February 2020 7:30pm AEST

$55 or FREE for Interclinical Registered Practitioners


InterClinical Laboratories is proud to bring you the first webinar in our 2021 series, Success in Clinic with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

In this very practical webinar, you will learn why HTMA is an essential health screening tool in clinic, revealing vital patient information not shown in other testing or through appraisal, and how it's used to improve patient outcomes and retention.

The focus of this webinar is to give you decades of clinical experience with HTMA, in 75 minutes.

We discuss how to read and understand a HTMA report and where and how to use it in clinic; how to introduce Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to your patients and how to answer the frequently asked questions; how to break down and explain the information in the interpretive report to your patients; and how to set realistic expectations and plot a path with them for their improved health.

We share with you tools, resources, and scripts that you can use in your clinic, and give you the next steps to continue building your knowledge and clinic, with our support and guidance.

Advance your knowledge in...

  • What is HTMA and why use it in clinic?

  • How to explain HTMA to your clients

  • Breaking down the terminology and the charts

  • Reading and understanding the report

  • How to explain the interpretive reports to your clients

  • Answering frequently asked client questions

  • Maximising your free InterClinical prep call

  • The follow-up consultation

  • Tools, resources & scripts for your clinic

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