Thank you for your interest in our HTMA service. To request HTMA:

  • Contact us directly and we will send an HTMA test kit to you, or

  • Contact us for a referral to a local health care provider who uses our HTMA service.

HTMA test kit contains:

Equine and Canine HTMA test kit contains:

Checklist for requesting HTMA

  • Fill out the HTMA Request Form
    (Don't forget to tick the type of report you require and to supply the lab number and date of issue of any previous report)

  • Fill out your details on the hair tissue sample envelope

  • Take a hair sample and put it in the envelope provided

  • Include a cheque or money order, or complete the credit card payment authority on the reverse side of the Request Form

  • Post your Request Form and hair sample with payment to:
    InterClinical Laboratories NZ, 15 Heaton Terrace, Wellington, 6021.

When to expect your results

You will receive your test results and report in PDF format, by email, about two to three weeks from the date we receive your hair sample and payment.  If you have purchased a hard copy of the report, this will arrive in your letterbox up to a week later, depending on the mail service.